Change that Handbag!

OK, so we're hoping that none of your bags look as tired as the one pictured!


 How long have you been using that well-loved hand bag?

Gone are the days that ladies have one beloved hand bag that is used every day of the week, 365 days of the year.

Today’s women are savvy, fashion conscious and in the know which means having a great bag that will complement their outfit and coordinate well with their  entire wardrobe.  It’s all about coordinating and having a bag that looks stylish and practical.

But for the few woman out there who have not caught on to coordinating bag with outfit we have a few tips for you, so lets get inspired, and encouraged into pushing out the boat and letting your bag highlight and complement your overall look.


Coordinating your bag with your outfit:

This comes with personal taste, some women go with bag and outfit in the same colour , some want to make a statement and have a bold coloured bag which doesn't match the outfit at all.


  • Match or not to match?
Sure you can match your outfit with your hand bag colour, but bag and outfit do not always have to match in colour; They just have to make perfect sense to your overall look and voila your unique style and awesome handbag is ready to go, so it's not always about matching but about bringing the whole look together.

  • Palette of Colours

If you have the same palette of colours for your shoes and outfit; for example royal blue dress and light blue shoes why not try a standout red for your handbag!  - This will certainly turn heads.

  • Different colour collar?

Did you manage to say that in one go? - well done you!

Ok, so lets say you have a black top or coat which has a green collar -  try matching your bag to the green collar - this look is really beautiful and edgy and shows that you have an eye for detail.


There is so much more you can do to highlight and showcase your handbag, just let your creative side free and start looking for your new handbag today at:


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