What’s in the Bag?

What do women really carry in their handbags and why?



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Well these are just a few of the items that a woman might have in her bag:

Receipts, a purse, gym card, teabags, hand lotion, mirror, phone charger, makeup bag, used chewing gum wrapped in a receipt!, clothes, cutlery, headphones, lip seal, rotten fruit, loyalty cards, lost jewelry, headache pills, health or chocolate bars, half drunken bottles of soda or water, perfume, mobile phone, a tablet, pens, coins, toys, remote control, notepad….


The list goes on and many items can be shocking or surprising to say the least.  But the other question for this blog is: Does what you carry in your bag reflect who you are?


Many women live busy lives and don’t stop to think about the contents of their handbag but does the contents of the bag tell us more about the type of person you are?


I think back to my childhood days and remember one of my aunts who was literally a walking tuck shop.  Her handbag was always filled with sweets for the children she would see at church on a Sunday. 


No matter how many children were there, she always had enough sweets and crisps for everyone; and I mean everyone.


This was one kind lady who used the contents of her bag to make little children very happy – and even an adult or two.


So, does the contents of your bag reflect the contents of your heart or your personality?


Some women like to have the modern must-have bag, others go for the cool or cute type of hand-bag, whatever your preference, have you ever stopped to think: what does the contents of my bag say about me?


If your "Miss Organised" your bag probably is organised too, you probably actually use the side compartments and get the best out of your handbag and don’t have to dig through piles of receipts just to find a pen. 


On the other hand if your not so organised it could take you 5 – 10 mins to find an essential item that’s now embedded in the maze of your handbag.


So, what does the contents of your handbag say about you? You’ve probably stopped to think about that while reading this blog.


Whoever you are and whatever type of person you are the next time you pick up your handbag stop and think: Does the contents of my bag reflect who I am?


I guess it’s kind of like our bodies, many of us spend lots of time, money and effort on how we look outwardly but the inside of our bodies, our health doesn’t get so much attention. 


Our bags can look beautiful on the outside but the inside can sometimes be a mess or not used to its full potential.


It doesn’t have to be that way, make your handbag work for you, on the inside and outside, include something inside that could put a smile on someone’s face and make them happy like my aunt did all those years ago.


So today why not treat yourself to a new handbag, you deserve it, just think, there’s an empty bag out there waiting to be filled with your contents and carried with love.


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